Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's not just for diet anymore!

Grapefruit is a misunderstood fruit. It's not sweet like the orange. It's not a jack of all treads like the lemon. It's pungent-tart with a little bitter and takes getting used to. And people tend to associate it with diets - half a grapefruit for breakfast and forget anything decadent.

I have a love hate affair with it personally. Sometimes I can just peel it open and eat one juicy morsel after another as I free them from their bitter pith prison. And sometimes I have to peel it all at once and drown it in sugar to balance that bitter-tart bite.

Today I discovered a mid-way philosophy. I wasn't in the mood for the unadorned grapefruit but I also didn't feel like sugar. My eyes fell on a different ingredient standing unobtrusively between bottles of herbs and spices.


Raw wild-natural honey.

I drizzled it in a dark stream over the chunks of fruit, just enough to temper the more startling qualities of it and just enough to play up its natural sweetness.

It was just perfect. Try it. You won't regret it.